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DescriptionShow Description    

ZorroZorro  premiered in syndication in September 20, 1997. This cartoon is about Zorro, the famous revolutionary of the west in the 1800s. Zorro, whose real-life persona is Don Diego de la Vega, is a master with the sword and whip and tries to right the wrongs of the world. His faithful companions, Isabella, Bernardo, and his horse, are the only ones who know he is Zorro. He must fight the Spanish military, led by Captain Montecero, to protect his people against injustice.

Voice Cast    
Don Diego/Zorro
Michael Gough
Jeannie Elias
Don Alejandro
Pat Fraley
Capitan Montecero
Earl Boen
Earl Boen
Tony Pope
Season 1 (1997-1998)
(13 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. To Catch A Fox (Original Air Date 9/20/1997)
  2. Sting Of The Serpent-God (Original Air Date 9/27/1997)
  3. Night Of The Tolchen (Original Air Date 10/4/1997)
  4. The Beast Within (Original Air Date 10/11/1997)
  5. The Enforcer (Original Air Date 10/18/1997)
  6. Two Zorro's Are Better Than One (Original Air Date 10/25/1997)
  7. Tar Pit Terror (Original Air Date 11/1/1997)
  8. A Kings Ransom (Original Air Date 11/8/1997)
  9. The Pirates Of San Pedro (Original Air Date 11/15/1997)
  10. The Anti-Zero (Original Air Date 11/22/1997)
  11. Valley Of The Man-Beast (Original Air Date 11/29/1997)
  12. The Revenge Of The Panther (Original Air Date 12/6/1997)
  13. The Iron Man (Original Air Date 12/13/1997)
Season 2 (1998-1999)
(13 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. The New Order (Original Air Date 9/19/1998)
  2. The Poison Pen (Original Air Date 9/26/1998)
  3. Vision Of Darkness (Original Air Date 10/3/1998)
  4. The Case Of The Masked Marauder (Original Air Date 10/10/1998)
  5. Return Of The Conquistadors (Original Air Date 10/17/1998)
  6. The Hunter (Original Air Date 10/24/1999)
  7. The Raiding Party (Original Air Date 10/31/1998)
  8. The Four Horsemen (Original Air Date 11/7/1998)
  9. Nightmare Express (Original Air Date 11/14/1998)
  10. The Ice Monster Cometh (Original Air Date 11/21/1998)
  11. The Secret Of El Zorro (Original Air Date 11/28/1998)
  12. The Nordic Quest (Original Air Date 12/5/1998)
  13. Adíos, Mi Capitán (Original Air Date 12/12/1998)
Zorro! A Sword Fight Who Is That Masked Man?
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