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DescriptionShow Description    

The Super Hero Squad ShowThe Super Hero Squad Show  premiered on CAR on September 14, 2009. Heroes from the Marvel universe join forces to protect Super Hero City from a conglomerate of villains.

Voice Cast    
Captain America/Iron Man
Tom Kenny
Travis Willingham
Silver Surfer
Mikey Kelley
David Boat
Steven Blum
Alimi Ballard
Dr. Doom
Charles Adler
Season 1 (2009-2010)
(26 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. And Lo... A Pilot Shall Come! (Original Air Date 9/14/2009)
  2. To Err Is Superhuman! (Original Air Date 9/14/2009)
  3. This Silver, This Surfer! (Original Air Date 9/26/2009)
  4. Hulk Talk Smack! (Original Air Date 10/3/2009)
  5. Enter: Dormammu! (Original Air Date 10/10/2009)
  6. A Brat Walks Among Us! (Original Air Date 10/17/2009)
  7. Oh, Brother! (Original Air Date 10/19/2009)
  8. From The Atom... It Rises! (Original Air Date 10/20/2009)
  9. Night In The Sanctorum! (Original Air Date 10/21/2009)
  10. This Forest Green! (Original Air Date 10/22/2009)
  11. O, Captain, My Captain! (Original Air Date 10/23/2009)
  12. If This Be My Thanos! (Original Air Date 10/24/2009)
  13. Deadly Is The Black Widow's Bite! (Original Air Date 10/31/2009)
  14. Tremble At The Might Of M.O.D.O.K.! (Original Air Date 11/7/2009)
  15. Mental Organism Designed Only For Kissing! (Original Air Date 11/14/2009)
  16. Invader From The Dark Dimension! (Original Air Date 11/21/2009)
  17. Tales Of Suspense! (Original Air Date 12/5/2009)
  18. Stranger From A Savage Land! (Original Air Date 12/19/2009)
  19. Mysterious Mayhem At Mutant Academy! (Original Air Date 12/26/2009)
  20. Election Of Evil! (Original Air Date 1/2/2010)
  21. Hexed, Vexed And Perplexed! (Original Air Date 1/9/2010)
  22. The Ice Melt Cometh! (Original Air Date 1/23/2010)
  23. Wrath Of The Red Skull! (Original Air Date 1/30/2010)
  24. Mother Of Doom! (Original Air Date 2/6/2010)
  25. Last Exit Before Doomsday! (Original Air Date 2/20/2010)
  26. This Al Dente Earth! (Original Air Date 2/27/2010)
Season 2 (2010-2011)
(26 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Another Order Of Evil!, Part 1 (Original Air Date 10/23/2010)
  2. Another Order Of Evil!, Part 2 (Original Air Date 10/23/2010)
  3. World War Witch! (Original Air Date 10/30/2010)
  4. Villainy Redux Syndrome! (Original Air Date 11/6/2010)
  5. Support Your Local Sky-Father (Original Air Date 11/13/2010)
  6. Whom Continuity Would Destroy! (Original Air Date 11/20/2010)
  7. Double Negation At The World's End! (Original Air Date 11/27/2010)
  8. Alienating With The Surfer! (Original Air Date 1/8/2011)
  9. Blind Rage Knows No Color! (Original Air Date 1/15/2011)
  10. Lo, How The Mighty Hath Abdicated! (Original Air Date 1/22/2011)
  11. So Pretty When They Explode! (Original Air Date 1/29/2011)
  12. Too Many Wolverines! (Original Air Date 2/5/2011)
  13. Pedicure And Facial of Doom! (Original Air Date 2/12/2011)
  14. Fate Of Destiny! (Original Air Date 2/19/2011)
  15. The Ballad Of Beta Ray Bill! (Original Air Date 4/9/2011)
  16. Days, Nights, And Weekends Of Future Past! (Original Air Date 4/16/2011)
  • The Super Hero Squad Show: Volume One
  • The Super Hero Squad Show: Volume Two
  • The Super Hero Squad Show: Volume Three
  • The Super Hero Squad Show: Volume Four
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