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DescriptionShow Description    

Tarzan And The Super 7Tarzan And The Super 7 was a half hour show that aired in 1978-1980. In 1976 Filmation started a new cartoon series starring Tarzan, called Tarzan, Lord Of The Jungle. The next year, 1977, they brought in Batman and coupled it with Tarzan, as The Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour, which mixed new Batman cartoons with new Tarzan cartoons (and Tarzan reruns). The third season changed it again by keeping Batman and calling it Tarzan And The Super 7. The Super 7 included Manta & Moray, The Freedom Force, Web Woman, Superstretch and Microwoman, and Jason, Of Star Command (a live action spinoff of filmation's Star Command). Jason, Of Star Command is not listed here because it's not animated. Tarzan And The Super 7 premiered on CBS on September 9, 1979 and was a Filmation Productions.

Voice Cast    
Robert Ridgely
Joan Van Ark
Joe Stern
Bob Denison
Diane Pershing
Mike Bell
Web Woman
Linda Gary
Ty Henderson
Kim Hamilton
Season 1 (1978-1979)
  1. Tarzan And The Spider People
  2. Tarzan And The Space God
  3. Tarzan And The Lost World
  4. Tarzan And The Monkey God
  5. Tarzan And The Haunted Forest
  6. Tarzan And The Island Of Dr. Morphos
  7. Manta And Moray: The Waters Of Doom
  8. Manta And Moray: The Whale Killers
  9. Manta And Moray: The Warmakers
  10. Manta And Moray: The Souvenir Hunters
  11. The Freedom Force: The Dragon Riders
  12. The Freedom Force: The Scarlet Samurai
  13. Web Woman: The Rain Maker
  14. Web Woman: The Eye Of The Fly
  15. Web Woman: The World Within
  16. Web Woman: Madame Macabre's Calamity Circus
  17. Web Woman: Red Sails In The Sunset
  18. Superstretch And Microwoman: Bad Things Come In Small Packages
  19. Superstretch And Microwoman: The Ringmaster
  20. Superstretch And Microwoman: The Toymaker
  21. Superstretch And Microwoman: Future Tense
  22. Superstretch And Microwoman: Phantom Of The Sewers
  23. Superstretch And Microwoman: Shadow Of The Swamp
Season 2 (1979-1980)
  1. Tarzan And The Sifu
  2. Tarzan And Jane
  3. Tarzan And The Land Beneath The Earth
  4. Tarzan And The Drought
  5. Tarzan And The Soul Stealer
  6. Tarzan And The Future King
  7. Tarzan And The Huntress
  8. Tarzan And The White Elephant
  9. Manta And Moray: The Freedom Fighters
  10. Manta And Moray: The Sunken World
  11. Manta And Moray: Sea Of Madness
  12. The Freedom Force: The Planet Soldiers
  13. The Freedom Force: Pegasus' Odyssey
  14. The Freedom Force: The Robot
  15. Web Woman: Send In The Clones
  16. Web Woman: The Sun Thief
  17. Web Woman: Dr. Despair And The Mood Machine
  18. Web Woman: The Perfect Crime
  19. Web Woman: The Lady In The Lamp
  20. Superstretch And Microwoman: The Great Candy Bar Caper
  21. Superstretch And Microwoman: The Superstretch Bowl
  22. Superstretch And Microwoman: Superstretch And Magnawoman
  23. Superstretch And Microwoman: Sugar Spice
  24. Superstretch And Microwoman: Gnome Man's Land
  25. Superstretch And Microwoman: Superstretch And Mighty Woman
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