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Spider-ManThe second Spider-Man series was Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends by Marvel Productions that began on September 12, 1981. It was a half hour cartoon. This same season of cartoons were later shown as part of the Marvel Action Universe in 1988. In 1983. The Incredible Hulk & The Amazing Spider-Man Hour came on, featuring a new Incredible Hulk cartoon along with a rerun of one of the Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends segments. The next season had the same format, featuring repeats, but with Spider-Man first. In 1984 Spider-Man was given a chance to have a solo cartoon again when the cartoons were split up, although it only lasted an additional season.

Season 1 (1981-82)
  1. Bubble, Bubble, Oil And Trouble
  2. Dr. Doom, Master Of The World
  3. Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere
  4. Curiosity Killed The Spider-Man
  5. The Sandman Is Coming
  6. When Magneto Speaks . . . People Listen
  7. The Pied Piper Of New York Town
  8. The Doctor Prescibes Doom
  9. Carnival Of Crime
  10. Revenge Of The Green Goblin
  11. Triangle Of Evil
  12. The A-B-C's Of D-O-O-M
  13. The Sidewinder Strikes
  14. The Hunter And The Hunted
  15. The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man
  16. The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo
  17. Canon Of Doom
  18. The Capture Of Captain America
  19. The Doom Report
  20. The Web Of Nephilia
  21. Countdown To Doom
  22. Arsenic And Aunt May
  23. The Vulture Has Landed
  24. Wrath Of The Sub-Mariner
  25. The Return Of Kingpin
  26. Under The Wizard's Spell
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