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Shazzan LogoThese were 30 minute long cartoons. It originally aired on CBS. The series premiered on September 9, 1967 and was a Hanna-Barbera Production. A brother and sister, named Chuck and Nancy, find two rings. Each ring has half of Shazzan's name written on it and when they touch their rings together they are transported back in time by Shazzan, a 60-foot tall genie. Shazzan enlists Chuck and Nancy's assistance to find his true master. To help them out, Shazzan gives them a flying camel named Kaboobie and other magical items.

Season 1 (1967-1968)
  1. The Living Island
  2. Valley Of The Giants
  3. The Underground World
  4. Demon In A Bottle
  5. The Black Sultan
  6. City Of The Tombs
  7. The Master Wizard Of Mizwa
  8. Master Of The Thieves
  9. City Of Brass
  10. The Flaming Ruby
  11. The Evil Jester Of Masira
  12. Ring Of Samarra
  13. Demon In The Bottle Returns
  14. The Young Rajah Of Kamura
  15. The Forest Of Fear
  16. The Sky Pirates Of Basheena
  17. The Idol Of Turaba
  18. Lord Of The Shadows
  19. Keys Of The Zodiac
  20. The Three Horsemen Of Mandragora
  21. The Diamond Of El Raphir
  22. The Impossible Quest Of Naziz
  23. The Land Of Neverwas
  24. The Circus Of Zahran
  25. Nastrina Of The Flame
  26. A Thousand And One Tricks
  27. Raschild, The Apprentice Sorcerer
  28. Baharuum, The Befuddled
  29. A Pound Of Evil Magic
  30. The Maze Of The Mercuraad
  31. Kahn Of The North Wind
  32. The Mirage Maker
  33. The Magical Kingdom Of Centuria
  34. Quest For The Magic Lamp
  35. Mysterio, The Mini-Magi
  36. Sorcerer Of The Mist
Shazzan! Shazzan 2 Shazzan 3
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