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DescriptionShow Description    

Mighty Mightor These are approx. 8 min long cartoons in a half hour format. Two Mighty Mightor bracketed a Moby Dick cartoon each episode. This series originally aired on CBS and it premiered on September 6, 1967. This is another Hanna Barbera cartoon. Mighty Mightor is a cartoon about a pre-Historic Superhero (no not Captain Caveman). A young teenaged man traveling with his pet dino named Tog helps an old man being attacked by another man eating dino. As a reward for his help Tor is given a club with magic powers. When he raises it over his head and yells Mightor he is transformed into a man with superhuman strength who flies and weilds the power club which emits force beams, and his dino is transformed into a flying fire breathing dragon.

Voice Cast    
Paul Stewart
Bobby Diamond
Li'l Rok
Norma McMillan
Patsy Garrett
Chief Pondo/Ork/Tog
John Stephenson
Season 1 (1967-1968)
  1. The Monster Keeper
  2. The Tiger Men
  3. The Bird People
  4. The Serpent Queen
  5. Mightor Meets Tyrannor
  6. The Giant Hunters
  7. Return Of Korg
  8. Brutor The Barbarian
  9. The Tusk People
  10. Kragor And The Cavern Creatures
  11. The Return Of The Vulture Men
  12. The Snow Trapper
  13. The People Keepers
  14. The Tree Pygmies
  15. The Vulture Men
  16. Charr And The Fire People
  17. The Stone Men
  18. Vampire Island
  19. Cult Of The Cavebearers
  20. Attack Of The Ice Creatures
  21. Revenge Of The Serpent Queen
  22. Rok And His Gang
  23. The Scorpion Men
  24. The Sea Slavers
  25. A Big Day For Little Rok
  26. The Plant People
  27. Tribe Of The Witchmen
  28. The Return Of The Vulture Men
  29. The Battle Of The Mountain Monsters
  30. Vengence Of The Storm King
  31. The Mightiest Warrior
  32. Dinosaur Island
  33. Rok To The Rescue
  34. The Missing Village
  35. The Greatest Escape
  36. Rok And The Golden Rok
  37. Battle Of The Mightors
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