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DescriptionShow Description    

The Lone RangerThis cartoon series, based on the legendary Lone Ranger, was a half-hour long with three short episodes per show. This was the first animated version of the popular radio, television, and film serial character. This show was produced by Lone Ranger Productions in association with the Jack Wrather Corporation. It premiered on CBS on September 10, 1966.

Voice Cast    
Lone Ranger
Michael Rye
Shepard Menken
Marvin Miller/Hans Conrad
Marvin Miller
Tiny Tom
Richard Beals
Black Widow
Agnes Moorehead
Season 1 (1966-1967)
(13 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The Trickster/The Crack Of Doom/The Human Dynamo (Original Air Date 9/10/1966)
  2. Ghost Riders/Wrath Of The Sun God/Day Of The Dragon (Original Air Date 9/17/1966)
  3. The Secret Army Of General X/The Cat People/Night Of The Vampire (Original Air Date 9/24/1966)
  4. Bear Claw/The Hunter And The Hunted/Mephisto (Original Air Date 10/1/1966)
  5. Revenge Of The Mole/Frog People/Terror In Toyland (Original Air Date 10/8/1966)
  6. Black Mask Of Revenge/The Sacrifice/Puppetmaster (Original Air Date 10/15/1966)
  7. Valley Of The Dead/Forest Of Death/The Fly (Original Air Date 10/22/1966)
  8. A Time To Die/Ghost Tribe Of Commanche Flat/Attack Of The Lilliputians (Original Air Date 10/29/1966)
  9. Circus Of Death/The Brave/Cult Of the Black Widow (Original Air Date 11/5/1966)
  10. El Conquistador/Snow Creature/The Prairie Pirate (Original Air Date 11/12/1966)
  11. Man Of Silver/Nightmare In Whispering Pine/Sabotage (Original Air Date 11/19/1966)
  12. Mastermind/The Lost Tribe Of Golden Giants/Monster Of Scavenger Crossing (Original Air Date 1/7/1967)
  13. The Black Panther/Thomas The Great/Island Of The Black Widow (Original Air Date 1/14/1967)
Season 2 (1967-1968)
(13 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Paddle Wheeling Pirates/A Day At Death's Head Pass/Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist (Original Air Date 9/9/1967)
  2. The Kid/Stone Hawk/Sky Raiders (Original Air Date 9/16/1967)
  3. The Man From Pinkerton/Tonto And The Devil Spirit/Deadly Glassman (Original Air Date 9/23/1967)
  4. Black Knight/Taka/Fire Rain (Original Air Date 9/30/1967)
  5. The Secret Warlock/Wolfmaster/Death Hunt (Original Air Date 10/7/1967)
  6. Terrible Tiny Tom/Fire Monster/The Iron Giant (Original Air Date 10/14/1967)
  7. Towntamers, Inc./Curse Of The Devil Doll/It Came From Below (Original Air Date 10/21/1967)
  8. Black Arrow/The Rainmaker/Flight Of The Hawk (Original Air Date 10/28/1967)
  9. The Avenger/Battle At Barnaby's Bend/Puppetmaster's Revenge (Original Air Date 11/4/1967)
  10. Reign Of The Queen Bee/Kingdom Of Terror/Quicksilver (Original Air Date 11/11/1967)
  11. The Legend Of Cherokee Smith/The Day The West Stood Still/Border Rats (Original Air Date 11/18/1967)
  12. Lash And The Arrow/Spectre Of Death (Original Air Date 1/6/1968)
  13. Mr. Midas (Original Air Date 1/13/1968)
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