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DescriptionShow Description    

The Adventures Of Jonny QuestThe Adventures Of Jonny Quest was a Hanna Barbera Cartoon that was a half an hour long. Jonny was the first cartoon with serious, more adult-like stories that involved a science fiction style but with fairly normal people as the heroes. Benton Quest was a scientist whoworked on various government projects. Race Bannon was a CIA-like agent assigned as Quest's bodyguard for the entire family. Hadji was Jonny's pal who once saved Benton Quest from an assasination attempt while lecturing in India. Jonny was Benton Quest's son who must travel with his famous father all over the world since his mother was deceased. Jonny was a precocious pre-teen who had a knack for finding trouble but always came through ok in the end. The series premiered on September 18, 1964 on ABC.

Voice Cast    
Jonny Quest
Tim Matheson
Danny Bravo
Race Bannon
Mike Road
Benton Quest
John Stephenson/Don Messick
Season 1 (1964-1965)
26 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Double Danger
  2. The Curse Of Anubis
  3. The Mystery Of The Lizardmen
  4. Riddle Of The Gold
  5. Arctic Splashdown
  6. Calcutta Adventure
  7. Pursuit Of The Po-Ho
  8. Shadow Of The Condor
  9. Treasure Of The Temple
  10. The Robot Spy
  11. The Dreadful Doll
  12. Skull And Double Crossbones
  13. A Small Matter Of Pygmies
  14. Dragons Of Ashida
  15. Turu The Terrible
  16. Attack Of The Tree People
  17. The Fraudulent Volcano
  18. The Werewolf Of The Timberland
  19. The Invisible Monster
  20. Pirates From Below
  21. The Devil's Tower
  22. The House Of Seven Gargoyles
  23. Terror Island
  24. Monster In The Monastery
  25. The Sea Haunt
  26. The "Q" Missle Mystery
Television Movies
  • Jonny Quest's Golden Quest
  • Jonny Quest vs. The Cyber Insects
Episode Downloads    

  • Jonny Quest: The Complete First Season
Picture Gallery    
Jonny Quest Bandit Makes A Friend
Lizardman Attacks Jonny & Hadji
Everybody's Going Surfin' Here Comes Trouble
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