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DescriptionShow Description    

The ImpossiblesThese are approximately 8 minute long cartoons in a half hour format. Two Impossibles cartoons bracketed the Frankenstein Jr. cartoon. This is another Hanna Barbera cartoon. It premiered on September 10, 1966. The Impossibles were a superhero group, who had secret identities as a world famous rock group. They traveled the world in concerts and whenever trouble occured they transformed into Fluidman, Coilman, and Multi-Man.

Voice Cast    

Coil Man....................... Hal Smith Multi-Man...................... Don Messick Fluid Man...................... Paul Frees

Season 1 (1966-1967)
  1. The Spinner
  2. The Perilous Paper Doll
  3. Beamatron
  4. The Bubbler
  5. The Burrower
  6. Timeatron
  7. Smogula
  8. The Sinister Speck
  9. Mother Gruesome
  10. Fero, The Fiendish Fiddler
  11. The Diabolical Dauber
  12. Televisatron
  13. The Wretched Professor Stretch
  14. Aquator
  15. The Devilish Dragster
  16. The Return Of The Spinner
  17. The Puzzler
  18. Satanic Surfer
  19. The Scurrilous Sculpter
  20. The Scheming Spraysol
  21. The Insidious Inflator
  22. The Artful Archer
  23. The Return Of The Perilous Paperman
  24. The Dastardly Diamond Dazzler
  25. Cronella Critch The Tricky Witch
  26. The Terrible Twister
  27. The Terrifying Tapper
  28. Professor Stretch Bounces Back
  29. The Anxious Angler
  30. The Rascally Ringmaster
  31. Billy The Kidder
  32. The Fiendish Doctor Futuro
  33. The Infamous Mr. Instant
  34. The Crafty Clutcher
  35. The Not So Nice Mr. Ice
  36. The Bizarre Battler
Jammin! Rally-Ho!
Which Way Coily? Trouble's Afoot
Take That Cronella!! Clean-Up Time!
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