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DescriptionShow Description    

Mighty HeroesThe Mighty Heroes was a half-hour long. It was created by Ralph Bakshi, produced by Terrytoons, creators of Mighty Mouse, and premiered on CBS on October 22, 1966. The series featured an odd mixture of heroes with the names of Diaper Man (a diapered baby who is the leader of the group, his main weapon is his bottle), Tornado Man (a TV weatherman who can spin himself into a tornado, sucking the villains into his vortex), Rope Man (a sailor whose body is an unending length of rope), Cuckoo Man (his powers are bird-based, constantly flaps his arms in order to keep aloft), and Strong Man (has incredible strength, likes to flies into a villain fist-first). The team members are clumsy accident-prone bumblers who often find themselves in silly situations. However, after escaping the villain's deathtrap in the cliffhanger, the team always manages to prevail in the end.

Voice Cast    
Diaper Man/Tornado Man/Strong Man
Herschel Bernardi
Cuckoo Man/Rope Man
Lionel G. Wilson
Season 1 (1966-1967)
(21 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The Plastic Blaster
  2. The Frog
  3. The Junker
  4. The Shrinker
  5. The Ghost Monster
  6. The Stretcher
  7. The Monsterizer
  8. The Drifter
  9. The Shocker
  10. The Enlarger
  11. The Toy Man
  12. The Dusters
  13. The Big Freeze
  14. The Timekeeper
  15. The Scarecrow
  16. The Time Eraser
  17. The Return Of The Monsterizer
  18. The Paper Monster
  19. The Raven
  20. The Bigger Digger
  21. The Proton Pulsator
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