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DescriptionShow Description    

The Mighty HerculesThis cartoon series was a half-hour long and featured three episodes per show. It was produced by Adventure Cartoon Productions in association with Trans-Lux. It premiered in syndication in September 1963. The series followed the exploits of the Greek mythology hero Hercules, along with Helena, and the Centaur (half human/half horse) character Newton as they travelled through their world and fought off the attacks of the evil Daedalius.

Voice Cast    

Hercules/Zeus ............................... Jimmy Tapp Helena ...................................... Helene Nickerson

Season 1 (1963-1964)
  1. Hercules vs. The Many-Headed Hydra
  2. Hercules Saves The Villagers
  3. Hercules And The Magic Arrows
  4. Hercules Battles The Krudes Beast
  5. The Chair Of Forgetfulness
  6. The Cave Of Death
  7. Medusa's Sceptre
  8. Search Of The Golden Apples
  9. The Bewitch Birds
  10. The Enchanted Pool
  11. The Endless Chasm
  12. The Thunderbolt Disc
  13. The sun Diamond Of Helios
  14. Hercules Protects Helena And Newton
  15. The Defiant Mask Of Vulcan
  16. The Golden Goblet
  17. The Lexas Lagoon
  18. Guarding Of The Olympic Torch
  19. Hercules Helps King Neptune
  20. Hercules vs. The Hideous Bird-Beast
  21. The Return Of The Mask
  22. Hercules Saves Helena
  23. The Magnetic Stone
  24. The Magic Rod
  25. The Minotaur
  26. Hercules And The Eternal Sleep
  27. The Clutching Clay Pool
  28. Princess Rhea
  29. The Valley Of Whirlwinds
  30. The Wild Boar
  31. The Magic Belt Of Hercules
  32. The Errand Of Mercy
  33. The Neamean Legion
  34. The Magician
  35. Dorian's Wreath
  36. The Unicorns
  37. Wilamene
  38. The Witch And The Magic Ring
  39. Diomedes' Evil Plot
  40. Hercules' Unwanted Powers
  41. The Enchanted Wolf
  42. Hercules Saves The Kingdom
  43. Hercules And His Two Rivals
  44. Hercules Saves The King
  45. The Thracian Army
  46. The Gems Of Venus
  47. The Golden Torch
  48. The Chameleon Creature
  49. Earthquake Valley
  50. Newton The Centaur
  51. Helena Kidnapped - Hercules To The Rescue
  52. Hercules And His Friends
  53. The Magic Sword
  54. Timon's Grandfather And Hercules
  55. Hercules Loses His Memory
  56. The Hall Of Justice
  57. The Cave Of Callisto
  58. The Powerless Hercules
  59. Omar, The Sultan's Chamion
  60. Sandals Of Electra
  61. The Sea Witch
  62. The Giant
  63. Helena's Beauty
  64. The Island Of The Miros Monster
  65. Hercules And The Fireball
  66. Hercules Outwits The Magician
  67. The Evil Weapon
  68. The Giant Ruby
  69. The Owl Man
  70. The Chameleon Man
  71. Hercules Foils The Mask Of The Vulcan
  72. The Exploding Diamond
  73. Hercules And The Sea Witch
  74. The Magic Lamp
  75. The Owl-Man Of Panssus
  76. The Eruption Of Mount Sirus
  77. The Deadly Gift
  78. Thesian Thunderhorn
  79. The Dreaded Beast Of Charon
  80. Hercules, Newton, And The Evil Magician
  81. The Fiery Abyss
  82. The Giant Dragonfly
  83. Tewt's Magic Wand Trouble
  84. The Wings Of Mercury
  85. The Sea Beast
  86. Prometheus In Dire Danger
  87. The Crafty Chameleon
  88. Kingdom Under The Glass Dome
  89. The Fantus Beast
  90. The Lyssidian Locusts
  91. Hercules Saves Calydon
  92. Helena's Jinx
  93. The Sinister Statue
  94. Friend Or Foe Of Centaur
  95. The Young Olympians
  96. The Feast Of Calydon
  97. The Lava Flow
  98. The Dreaded Draught
  99. Underwater Battle
  100. The Sidian Illusion Stone
  101. Timon To The Aid Of Hercules
  102. The Fiery Pits Of Pyros
  103. The Clovis Creature
  104. The Valley Of Storms
  105. The Centaur On Michief Day
  106. The Throne Of Calydon
  107. Battle Of the Magic Rings
  108. Diomedes And His Warriors
  109. King For A Day
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