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DescriptionShow Description    

The New Adventures Of He-ManThe New Adventures Of He-Man is a half-hour, 65 episode series that begins with a five-part episode. It is the second cartoon to be based upon the He-Man character, only this time He-Man has traveled in time from Castle Grayskull to the Triax solar system. He has to keep the planet Primus safe from the evil Skeletor. This series is a Jetlag Production/DIC Enterprises Production and debuted in syndication the week of September 17, 1990.

Voice Cast    

He-Man .................. Gary Chalk Skeletor ................ Campbell Lane

Season 1 (1990-1991)
(65 Episodes In Season1)
  1. A New Beginning
  2. Quest For The Crystals
  3. The Heat
  4. Attack On Onnor
  5. The Ultimate Challenge
  6. Sword & Staff
  7. The Galactic Guardians
  8. The Festival Of Lights
  9. He-Man Mutant
  10. Juggernaut
  11. Fading Star
  12. He-Ca
  13. Zone Of Darkness
  14. The Test Of Time
  15. Four Ways To Sundown
  16. The Sheriff Of Gorn City
  17. The Guns Of Nordor
  18. The Bride Of Slushhead
  19. Mutiny On The Mothership
  20. The Running Of The Herd
  21. The Gift
  22. Skeletor's Victory
  23. He-Man In Exile
  24. The Seeds of Resistance
  25. The Battle For Levitan
  26. Glasnost Schmasnost
  27. The Youngest Hero
  28. Crack In The World
  29. Sanctuary
  30. Council Of Clones
  31. Cold Freeze
  32. Brain Drain
  33. No Easy Way
  34. Dreadator
  35. Rock To The Future
  36. Planet Of Junk
  37. The Children's Planet
  38. Collision Course
  39. He-Fan
  40. Balance Of Power
  41. The Siege Of Serus
  42. The New Wizard In Town
  43. You're In The Army Now
  44. The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword -- Or Is It?
  45. Once Upon A Time
  46. Escape From Gaolotia
  47. Skeletor's Revenge
  48. The Mind Lens
  49. The Nemesis Within
  50. The Power Of The Good And The Way Of The Magic
  51. Slaves To The Machine
  52. A Plague On Primus
  53. The Taking Of Levitan
  54. Save Our City
  55. Queen's Gambit
  56. Adam's Adventure
  57. The Dream Zone
  58. The Tornadoes Of Zil
  59. There's Gems In Them Hills
  60. The Call To The Games
  61. The Blacksmith of Crelus
  62. A Time To Leave
  63. The Games
  64. Flogg's Revenge
  65. The Final Invasion
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