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DescriptionShow Description    

AquamanAquaman was a half hour cartoon show that aired two 12 minute Aquaman cartoons made by Filmation. The series premiered September 14, 1968. In 1966 this cartoon series started out as The New Adventures of Superman. The second season in 1967 was called The Superman-Aquaman Hour of Adventure. Filmation combined Superman with their new Aquaman cartoon series to become The Superman-Aquaman Hour Of Adventure. In 1968 the third season brought another change to the show by dropping Aquaman and adding Batman, becoming The Batman-Superman Hour. The second season not only showed Aquaman cartoons it also showed individual adventures of the Justice League of America and individual adventures of the different heroes like The Flash, Hawkman, Green Lantern and the Atom and also the Teen Titans. These are not like the adventures on Hanna Barbera's Superfriends in which they were pitted against the League of Doom. These episodes were few and do not get their own unique page, so they will be seen here with the Aquaman titles.

Voice Cast    

Aquaman........................... Marvin Miller Aqualad........................... Jerry Dexter Mera.............................. Diana Maddox

Aquaman Episodes
  1. Menace Of The Black Manta
  2. The Rampaging Reptile Men
  3. The Return Of Nepto
  4. The Fiery Invaders
  5. The Sea Raiders
  6. War Of The Water Worlds
  7. The Volcanic Monster
  8. The Crimson Monster From The Pink Pool
  9. The Ice Dragon
  10. The Deadly Drillers
  11. Vassa -- Queen Of The Mermen
  12. The Microscopic Monster
  13. Onslaught Of The Octomen
  14. Treacherous Is The Torpedomen
  15. The Satanic Saturnians
  16. The Brain - Brave And Bold
  17. Where Lurks The Fisherman
  18. Mephisto's Marine Marauders
  19. The Trio Of Terror
  20. The Torp, The Magneto, And The Claw
  21. Goliaths Of The Deep-Sea Gorge
  22. The Sinister Sea Scamp
  23. The Devil Fish
  24. The Sea Scavengers
  25. In Captain 'Cuda's Clutches
  26. The Mirror-Man From Planet Imago
  27. The Sea Sorcerer
  28. The Sea Snares Of Captain Sly
  29. The Undersea Trojan Horse
  30. The Vicious Villainy of Vassa
  31. Programmed For Destruction
  32. The War Of The Quatix And Bimphabs
  33. The Stickmen Of Stygia
  34. Three Wishes To Trouble
  35. The Silver Sphere
  36. To Catch A Fisherman
Justice League Of America Episodes
  1. Between Two Armies
  2. Target Earth
  3. Bad Day On Black Mountain
The Flash
  1. The Chemo Creature
  2. Take A Giant Step
  3. To Catch A Blue Bolt
  1. Peril From Pluto
  2. A Visit To Venus
  3. The Twenty-Third Dimension
Green Lantern
  1. Evil Is As Evil Does
  2. The Vanishing World
  3. Sirena--Empress Of Evil
The Atom
  1. Invasion Of The Beetle People
  2. The Planet Master
  3. House Of Doom
Teen Titans
  1. The Monster Machine
  2. Monster Roundup
  3. Operation Rescue
All Tied Up The Aqua Family
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