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DescriptionShow Description    

BirdmanThese are approx. 8 min long cartoons in a half hour format. Two Birdman cartoons bracketed a Galaxy Trio cartoon. This series originally aired on NBC. It premiered September 9, 1967. It was a Hanna-Barbera Production. Birdman is a superhero with wings on his back and gets his strength from the sun, which he is continually having to recharge. He uses the sun energy in the form of heat rays and force beams and can produce a sheild made of solar energy. His sidekick is a giant eagle named Avenger, and they sometimes work for the U.S. government under the direction of a covert operative named Falcon 7. Birdman's one downfall is his habit of shouting his name constantly.

Voice Cast    
Ray Randall/Birdman
Keith Andes
Dick Beals
Falcon 7
Don Messick
Season 1 (1967-1968)
40 Episodes In Season 1
  1. The Menace Of Dr. Millenium
  2. X, The Eliminator
  3. The Ruthless Ringmaster
  4. Morto, The Maurader
  5. Birdman vs.Cumulus, The Storm King
  6. Nitron, The Human Bomb
  7. Birdman vs. The Mummer
  8. The Quake Threat
  9. Avenger For Ransom
  10. The Brain Thief
  11. Birdman vs. The Constrictor
  12. Birdman Meets Birdgirl
  13. Birdman Meets Reducto
  14. Serpents Of The Deep
  15. Hannibal The Hunter
  16. The Purple Moss
  17. The Incredible Magnatroid
  18. Vulturo, Prince Of Darkness
  19. The Wings of Fear
  20. Birdman vs. Dr. Freezoids
  21. Train Trek
  22. Number One
  23. The Deadly Duplicator
  24. The Deadly Trio
  25. Professor Nightshade
  26. The Chameleon
  27. The Empress Of Evil
  28. Birdman Meets Birdboy
  29. Birdman Meets Moray of the Deep
  30. Birdman And The Monster Of The Mountains
  31. The Return Of Vuturo
  32. The Revenge Of Dr. Millenium
  33. The Wild Weird West
  34. The Ant Ape
  35. Morto Rides Again
  36. Skon of Space
  37. Mentor The Mind Taker
  38. The Pirate Plot
  39. Murro The Maurauder
  40. Birdman vs. The Speed Demon
Episode Downloads    

  • Birdman And The Galaxy Trio: The Complete Series
Blast Ray Searching Birrrrdmannn!!!
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