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DescriptionShow Description    

The Adventures of Batman & Robin LogoThis is a list of episodes from The Adventures Of Batman & Robin. There were originally 65 episodes ordered for the first season of Batman: TAS. Second season had an order for 15 more episodes, mostly episodes involving Robin. Then the show was revamped to this one, to include Robin in the title. All the shows that included Robin were played in this newer title and shown on Saturdays, and the Batman:TAS was no longer being shown during the week. After that season they started rerunning Batman:TAS episodes under The Adventures of Batman & Robin banner. After another half season Fox started showing reruns all week again, and the final 5 episodes not released were finally released bringing the series up to 85. A new series, The New Batman Adventures began, later compiled with Superman episodes for the Batman-Superman Adventures. Finally, a new, futuristic Batman (not Bruce Wayne, although he is the character's mentor) was given a series called Batman Beyond.

Voice Cast    
Bruce Wayne/Batman
Kevin Conroy
Dick Grayson/Robin
Loren Lester
Alfred Pennyworth
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Commissioner James Gordon
Bob Hastings
Season 1 (1993-1994)
(5 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. House And Garden (Original Air Date 5/2/1994)
  2. Sideshow (Original Air Date 5/3/1994)
  3. Avatar (Original Air Date 5/9/1994)
  4. The Trial (Original Air Date 5/16/1994)
  5. Harlequinade (Original Air Date 5/23/1994)
Season 2 (1994-1995)
(15 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Bane (Original Air Date 9/10/1994)
  2. Second Chance (Original Air Date 9/17/1994)
  3. Riddler's Reform (Original Air Date 9/24/1994)
  4. Baby Doll (Original Air Date 10/1/1994)
  5. Time Out Of Joint (Original Air Date 10/8/1994)
  6. Harley's Holiday (Original Air Date 10/15/1994)
  7. Make 'Em Laugh (Original Air Date 11/5/1994)
  8. Batgirl Returns (Original Air Date 11/12/1994)
  9. Lock-Up (Original Air Date 11/19/1994)
  10. Deep Freeze (Original Air Date 11/26/1994)
  11. The Terrible Trio (Original Air Date 9/11/1995)
  12. Showdown (Original Air Date 9/12/1995)
  13. Catwalk (Original Air Date 9/13/1995)
  14. A Bullet For Bullock (Original Air Date 9/14/1995)
  15. The Lion & The Unicorn (Original Air Date 9/15/1995)
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