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Batman: The Animated Series EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Cat And The Claw, Part 1
    Batman/Bruce Wayne meets Catwoman/Selina Kyle and the attraction is mutual. Catwoman uncovers an international terrorist plot while trying to purchase land for a mountain lion preserve. She's in over her head. Can Batman save her? To be continued...

  • On Leather Wings
    A horrifying bat creature terrorizes Gotham City and the authorities conclude Batman is the culprit. Batman must solve the Jekyll-Hyde mystery of the bat creature to both save the person responsible and clear his own name.

  • Heart Of Ice
    By pulling the plug on a cryogenic experiment, an uncaring CEO destroys a doctor's wife and converts the unwilling doctor into Mr.. Freeze. Mr.. Freeze returns one year later on a vendetta against the CEO. Batman sympathizes with this arctic avenger but he must prevent Freeze from killing innocent people.

  • Feat Of Clay, Part 1
    Matt Hagen has a terrible secret. The celebrated actor is actually a disfigured accident victim addicted to a strange chemical formula which allows him to change his facial features. His addiction makes him vulnerable to blackmail and eventually results in his being force-fed a massive amount of the chemical turning him into Clayface....To be continued...

  • Feat Of Clay, Part 2
    Clayface learns the chemical which changed him is now going to be marketed to the public. When Batman tries to prevent Clayface from exacting his revenge their battle becomes a free-for-all. Clayface supposedly 'dies' at Batman's hands, but did he really? Could he be that great an actor?

  • It's Never Too Late
    Batman helps aging mob boss Arnold Stromwell in a mob war. After learning of his son's drug problems, and an emotional reunion with his brother, a priest, Stromwell turns state's evidence and vows to make amends.

  • Joker's Favor
    The Joker amuses himself by forcing a nondescript accountant to do him a favor, in exchange for the accountant's life. When the accountant decides he's had enough, the worm turns taking on the Joker, man to man.

  • Cat And The Claw, Part 2
    Batman and Catwoman team up to destroy the terrorist plan of holding Gotham City hostage with a virulent strain of plague. Despite Catwoman's assistance Batman is compelled to turn her in--after all she is a thief and, the law is the law.

  • Pretty Poison
    Harvey Dent's romantic interest turns deadly when his mystery woman is revealed by Batman to be Poison Ivy. Batman ends up in Poison Ivy's lethal greenhouse fighting for his best friend's life as well as his own.

  • Nothing To Fear
    Fear is the weapon when Batman must battle the Scarecrow at Gotham City University. Kicked out of the university for his fear experiments the ex-professor is back with his fear gas to wreak vengeance. Batman has two foes, his own fear and the Scarecrow!

  • Be A Clown
    Mayor Hill's son, a budding magician, feels neglected by his father. The Joker creates a trap for Batman with a wily attack on the boy's na???vet???. Batman defeats the Joker atop a runaway roller coaster and returns the boy to his now more attentive father.

  • Appointment In Crime Alley
    Batman misses his yearly visit to the woman who cared for him as a boy after his parents were murdered. What he doesn't know is that she is being held hostage as an innocent bystander to an arson-for-profit scheme by Roland Daggett. Batman will again lose someone he cares about if he can't foil the arson plot in time.

  • P.O.V.
    Internal Affairs comes down hard on Bullock, Montoya and rookie Wilkes when their mismatched stories about a botched sting operation causes IA to doubt them all. Batman helps Montoya crack the original sting case, which exonerates them.

  • The Clock King
    Gotham City's Mayor Hill is the target of a bizarre time-focused revenge scheme by The Clock King, a.k.a. Temple Fugate. Time is awry in Gotham City. Can Batman solve the problem before the clock strikes twelve?

  • The Last Laugh
    The Joker uses a lethal mind altering laughing gas to transform the citizens of Gotham into total fools. If Batman can't stop him everyone will soon go completely mad, including Alfred.

  • Eternal Youth
    Alfred and his friend Maggie Paige are lured to a health spa advertising a rejuvenating potion. In fact the spa is run by Poison Ivy who is using a new form of chlorophyll to turn people into trees. Before he stops Poison Ivy, Batman nearly turns wooden himself.

  • Two Face, Part 1
    Bruce Wayne's best friend Harvey Dent is hiding the dark secret of a second, 'bad' personality. A chemical explosion causes half of Dent's face to become as scarred and deformed as the now dominant bad side. Crazed by his recent experiences, Dent escapes from the hospital. To be continued...

  • Two Face, Part 2
    Two-Face seeks revenge on his hated rival who's put a contract out on him. Since he was Bruce Wayne's best friend, Batman tries to help Two-Face by subduing him and then getting him into a prison mental health program.

  • The Fear Of Victory
    The Scarecrow has a new fear chemical triggered by adrenaline which he uses on Gotham City's best athletes, and then bets against them. Robin is infected by the chemical and must conquer his overwhelming fear in order to defeat the Scarecrow.

  • I've Got Batman In My Basement
    The Penguin incapacitates Batman with nerve gas. A 12-year-old aspiring detective hides Batman in a basement and races to find a way to revive the comatose crime fighter before the Penguin finds him.

  • Vendetta
    Detective Bullock is framed for attempted murder. Although Batman doesn't like Bullock he thinks he is innocent. Batman's investigation reveals the real criminal.

  • Prophecy Of Doom
    Batman infiltrates a cult which is defrauding many of his rich friends. When Batman exposes the leader as a fraud, Batman's friends learn an important lesson about where to place their faith.

  • The Forgotten
    Bruce Wayne goes undercover to investigate the disappearance of indigent men from the Bowery and he's shanghaied to a forced labor camp. The assault causes amnesia and only when he recovers his memory can Batman defeat his captors.

  • Mad As A Hatter
    Batman has to battle his way through a bizarre living chess board with all the pieces under the mind control of the Mad Hatter. Jealousy has driven the Mad Hatter to attempt to destroy the woman he loves and all of Gotham City.

  • The Cape And Cowl Conspiracy
    Batman sets up an elaborate scam to outfox Josiah Wormwood, 'deathtrap specialist', who uses psychological torture to pry valuable secrets from his victims.

  • Perchance To Dream
    The Mad Hatter puts Bruce Wayne in a dream world where his parents are alive, he's engaged to Selina Kyle and he's never been Batman! In a battle with the Mad Hatter disguised as Batman, the real Batman finds he can only find the truth by throwing himself from a tower.

  • The Underdwellers
    Batman discovers a gang of forgotten runaways deep in the Gotham sewers. Their crazed leader, the Sewer King, forces the children to steal food and supplies for him. Batman leads a revolt, freeing the Underdwellers.

  • Night Of The Ninja
    Kyodai Ken, the only boy who could beat Bruce Wayne in their days of martial arts study, has returned for revenge. Batman's defense is hindered though, because he must preserve his secret identity from an outsider present at the challenge.

  • The Strange Secret Of Bruce Wayne
    Dr. Strange's mind-reading machine has found out Batman's secret identity and he is trying to sell the information to the Joker, Two-Face and the Penguin! Batman uses the machine to 'imagine' a scenario showing the villains that the doctor is going to cheat them out of their money. Robin becomes a second Bruce Wayne to disprove the secret identity revelation.

  • Tyger, Tyger
    Catwoman Selina Kyle is kidnapped by a genetic engineer who takes her to his island and turns her into a real cat-woman. Batman comes to rescue her and is forced into a deadly game with cat-man Tygrus, who hunts him through the jungle.

  • Dreams In Darkness
    Scarecrow's nefarious scheme to poison Gotham's water supply has infected Batman with non-stop nightmares and hallucinations. Committed to Arkham Asylum, Batman must find a way to escape and save all of Gotham from endless nightmares.

  • Beware The Gray Ghost
    Batman realizes a pattern of Gotham City bombings is based on an old TV show episode and seeks out the original star for assistance. The realization that the old show influenced Batman's life and their success in capturing the bomber revitalizes the actor's life and career.

  • Cat Scratch Fever
    Catwoman discovers a plot by Roland Daggett to infect stray animals with a disease for which he has the only cure, so when the disease spreads to the human population he will be a hero to the city. Batman races against time when Catwoman becomes infected and he must save her and stop the fiendish plot from going forward.

  • I Am The Night
    Batman decides to give up his crimefighting career when his delay in joining Commissioner Gordon on a stakeout inadvertently leads to the Commissioner getting severely wounded.

  • Almost Got 'Im!
    While hiding out from the police, The Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Killer Croc play cards and swap stories about the time each one 'almost got' Batman.

  • Moon Of The Wolf
    Batman investigates the appearance of a wolf creature in Gotham, not realizing that the monster is an ex-Olympic athlete who has been turned into a werewolf by a devious professor's steroid formula.

  • Terror In The Sky
    When Man-Bat returns, Batman suspects Dr. Langstrom is taking his bat formula again, but discovers Langstrom's wife was accidentally infected. It's a race against time for Batman to administer the antidote before she transforms again.

  • Christmas With The Joker
    The Joker takes the airways of Gotham City, as well as Commissioner Gordon and others, hostage. It will be a very un-merry Christmas if Batman can't find the Joker's hideout by midnight Christmas Eve.

  • "Heart Of Steel, Part 1
    Batman is baffled when high-tech secrets are stolen from Wayne Enterprises--by a robot! Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon suspects her father, the Commissioner, is not himself. She's right--he's been replaced by a look-alike robot.

  • Heart of Steel, Part 2
    Batman battles look-alike robots of Commissioner Gordon, Bullock and Mayor Hill and soon discovers they were created by HARDAC, an Artificial Intelligence computer.

  • If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
    Computer genius Edward Nygma is fired from his job for demanding his profits on the video game he created. He seeks revenge, donning the guise of The Riddler! He kidnaps his former boss, but not before tangling with Batman and Robin.

  • Jokers Wild
    An enraged Joker breaks out of Arkham Asylum when he learns billionaire developer Cameron Kaiser has built a casino called Joker's Wild. It turns out to be a plan by Kaiser to collect a fortune in insurance money when the Joker blows the place up.

  • His Silicon Soul
    While attempting to rob a warehouse containing the remnants of Cybertron's robotic machines and electronics, a group of thieves stumble upon a Batman robot who believes himself to be the real McCoy. Meanwhile the real Batman learns that an impersonator is capturing criminals and soon finds himself battling a robot doppelganger that knows his every move.

  • Off Balance
    Batman is aided by a mysterious 'lady in black' while tracking an international crime leader who uses a unique weapon which creates the illusion that the world has gone topsy turvy. Is the 'lady in black' an ally or is she just setting up the Dark Knight?

  • What Is Reality?
    Seeking to prove once and for all that his is the superior mind,the Riddler lures Batman into a riddle-solving contest inside a computer game of 'virtual reality'--in which Batman is actually thrust inside the computer game's deadly traps.

  • The Laughing Fish
    The Joker tries to copyright a new chemical which produces 'Joker' smiles on fish, and he threatens to kill bureaucrats one by one until he gets his way. Batman's rescue efforts result in a dramatic battle in an old sea aquarium--with a smiling shark.

  • Harley And Ivy
    After being booted out of the Joker's gang, Harley Quinn teams up with Poison Ivy. The two head off on a 'Thelma and Louise' style crime spree, billing themselves as 'The New Queens of Crime'.

  • The Mechanic
    The Batmobile is virtually demolished in a high speed chase with the Penguin's gang. Batman brings the car to a secret body shop where Earl Cooper--a former automotive engineer who designed the Batmobile--can repair it. Unfortunately, the Penguin learns the location of the secret garage and booby traps the Batmobile...

  • The Man Who Killed Batman
    Third-rate mob stumble-bum Sidney Debris becomes an underworld hero when he seemingly achieves the impossible and accidentally kills Batman. But is the Dark Knight really gone for good?

  • Zatanna
    When the glamorous magician Zatanna is framed for a robbery during her act, Batman swings to her defense. We learn that young Bruce Wayne studied under her escape-artist father, as the Zatanna and Batman join forces to catch the real crook.

  • Robin's Reckoning, Part 1
    Robin defies Batman's order to cease an investigation of an extortion ring. Robin takes matters into his own hands when he finds out one of the culprits was responsible for the death of his parents.

  • Birds Of A Feather
    When the Penguin is released from prison, he becomes the toast of high society. Batman sets out to find out whether he's using his status to rob from the rich, or are his upper-class friends using the Penguin's notoriety to climb the social ladder?

  • Robin's Reckoning, Part 2
    Robin's pursuit of Zucco is timely when he discovers Zucco has captured Batman. After the duo defeat Zucco, Robin learns Batman's motive for ordering him not to pursue the matter. It wasn't that Batman didn't trust Robin, but that he was afraid that after killing Robin's parents, Zucco might kill Robin as well.

  • Blind As A Bat
    The Penguin hijacks an experimental armored helicopter and, in the course of the raid, Bruce Wayne is temporarily blinded. Bruce has strict orders to keep his eyes bandaged for forty-eight hours or risk losing his sight permanently. But when the Penguin starts using the chopper to blow up famous landmarks, it's up to Batman to stop him--blindness or no blindness.

  • Day Of The Samurai
    Batman is called to Japan when a Ninja kidnaps the daughter of his old martial arts instructor. The Ninja's ransom for her is an ancient scroll that will teach him a deadly martial arts move that can kill a man with a single touch.

  • See No Evil
    A little girl's imaginary invisible playmate turns out to be not so imaginary when her ex-con father steals a prototype plastic that can turn him invisible. Batman investigates a string of mysterious jewel robberies and soon finds himself battling the invisible man.

  • The Demon's Quest, Part 1
    When Robin is abducted from his college campus, Batman begins an uneasy alliance with mysterious cult leader Ra's Al Ghul, whose daughter Talia was abducted by the same people. They trail the kidnappers to the Himalayas, encountering a number of traps along the way.

  • The Demon's Quest, Part 2
    After freeing Robin from the clutches of Ra's Al Ghul, the dynamic duo track him to his desert stronghold in the Sahara. Infiltrating the fortress, they learn Ra's ultimate plan: to restore the Earth to the lush, green, eco-balanced sphere it was in its infancy... but in the process destroy all life that now exists on the planet.

  • Read My Lips
    Investigating a series of crimes, Batman discovers the mastermind crime czar is a wooden dummy, manipulated by a mild-mannered man called the Ventriloquist--a split personality who's terrified of his alter ego.

  • Fire From Olympus
    Believing himself to be the Greek God Zeus, mad shipping magnate Maxie Zeus hijacks an experimental electron cannon, planning to rain 'lightning bolts' down on the 'wicked mortals' below. After breaking into the building, Batman must undergo a series of Herculean challenges before finally confronting Maxie for control of the deadly cannon.

  • Shadow Of The Bat, Part 1
    Commissioner Gordon is framed for taking bribes from gangland boss Rupert Thorne. Batman, hot on the trail of the mysterious figure behind the frame-up, declines to show up at a rally for the commissioner. Barbara rents a Batman costume and impersonates the Dark Knight, inadvertently leading to her first appearance as Batgirl.

  • Shadow Of The Bat, Part 2
    Batman, Robin and Batgirl learn that Two-Face is behind the frame-up of Commissioner Gordon. Two-Face has Gordon busted out of jail as part of his two-part plan to discredit the Commissioner and establish corrupt assistant commissioner Gil Mason as head of police.

  • Mudslide
    A woman scientist saves Clayface when his claylike body begins to disintegrate. However, he is forced to steal money to pay for the expensive components of the remedy.

  • The Worry Men
    A wealthy socialite returns from Central America bringing tiny dolls for all of her wealthy friends. According to legend, once placed under a pillow, the dolls do the sleeper's worrying for them. What they don't know is that each of the dolls contains a tiny microchip which plants hypnotic suggestions. It's all part of an elaborate extortion scheme set up by the Mad Hatter.

  • Paging The Crime Doctor
    Dr. Matthew Thorne performs delicate surgery on his brother, crime boss Rupert Thorne. He can't do it alone, and kidnaps Dr. Leslie Thompkins--Batman's personal physician.
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